" Providing Craniosacral Therapy fulfills my passion for helping individuals hear and respond to their inner healing voice."


Deborah Zenisek, NCTMB

Practicing Craniosacral Therapy since May 2005

Board Certified with National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork since 2005

The keys to success are similar, yet special for each individual.


For me, my key to pain relief was surrounded by learning.  Like so many people, my happiness was challenged by events throughout my life.  In my early years, the Peace Corps and missionary work seemed noble and enticing, yet I settled on  a secretarial career.  Then marriage and family issues became a priority over my own emotional and physical health, not to mention car accidents and weight gain.  My challenges compounded so much so that my energy level was depleted and I could not work outside the home or enjoy activities with my family.


Medical doctors, chiropractors, supplements, diet alternatives, allergy reducers, etc., etc., etc., did not change the issues.  But by seeking professional help, I met a very caring woman, Dr. Carol Phillips, who introduced me to the Upledger Institute for Craniosacral Therapy.  She offered me a session and I figured I had nothing to lose at this point. 


I couldn’t believe what happened to me in that one hour session.  I could move without pain.  I could smile.  I felt lighter.  It felt like the chains and ropes that had been holding me so tight had been stripped away.  I wanted more of this!


So I went to Dr. Phillips’ and Upledger Institute classes to learn more about Craniosacral Therapy!  I learned how I could get my body to heal itself.  I did not need expensive drugs, expensive adjustments, expensive supplements, expensive emotional therapy, expensive etc.


I learned how to start the healing process inside me!  I learned how to manage me and my conditions!  And it isn’t that hard!  And I can help others!  


To help you with your challenges and start your healing process, just fill out the easy email response and let’s see if we can bring you the joys from pain relief.

The arthritis in my knees was painful at least 50% of the time.


After a session with Deb and she works on my knees, I walk up the stairs pain free!  It is AMAZING!!  The relief typically lasts any where from several hours to a few days.  Over the time frame that Deb has been working on my knees, they have been getting progressively better and less painful.  


Having such relief from the arthritis in my knees allows me to be more mobile and enjoy going and doing things with my friends rather than staying at home icing/heating and keeping my knees up.  It also helps in not having to take oral medications for these aches and pains.


Having the craniosacral sessions with Deb on a monthly basis keeps me feeling great!  I feel healthier and livelier than before I started the sessions.              C.Y.



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